For patients



As long as you feel affected by some of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder or complex traumatisation, please seek professional help. Self-care and non-professsional advice are equally important but will not replace psychotherapy.

The treatment of complex problems involving the personality is mainly achieved by means of psychotherapy.

The foundation of a psychotherapeutical process can lie in psychoeducation, i.e. the knowledge about the disorder making you more aware of problematic behaviour, mobilising intellectual capacities, stimulating active participation, enforcing decision-making concerning the choice of treatment and setting realistic expectations concerning change. (Kuritárné 2008, 2016).

Pharmacotherapy can reduce symptoms in certain cases, temporary hospitalisation can provide care and safety in critical periods and can provide significant support for stabilisation. A long-term solution providing quality improvement of life, however, can only be expected from a psychotherapeutical treatment based on mutual cooperation and commitment.

The novel approach applied in the psychotherapy of borderline and traumatised patients as opposed to the attitude of the 19-20th centuries' theories can offer a promising outcome and optimistic outlook as far as healing options are concerned.